Shows posts from categories, taxonomies and custom post type

Terms and Category Based Posts Widget


  • Auto-sizing Grid layout
  • Custom field support in the Template
  • Shortcode support in the Template
  • Template (Arrange all with placeholders, HTML, plain text or font-icons)
  • Image-Slider (or News-Ticker)
  • Asymmetrical list layouts (Alternating Grid)
  • Full background image
  • Excerpt number of lines (responsive)
  • Grid and Column full-page layouts
  • Masonry responsive grid layout
  • Custom Post Types, Events, Products
  • More complex filter (ANY, NOT, AND, ...)
  • On mouse hover effects
  • Thumbnail dimensions
  • E-Mail support
  • ... demo page



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We want to provide the features for building a best fitting custom posts WordPress widget. Our widgets for WordPress should perfect display your posts in widget areas. There will be a multi-category option that supports custom post types, custom taxonomies and new WP tags. The query filter supports sort direction, filter by authors or exclude posts without a thumbnail. Options for customize headlines, excerpt text, date, link text, thumbnail, and many more. We design different styles that are easy to be selected, like vertical scrolling ticker and image hover effects. This offered features will help you to adapt all your needs. [TipTopPress]

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Try before you buy

Even with a mere 10$, you are likely to “hate” yourself if you bought something that do not work for you and because of lack of documentation or whatever other reason, you thought that it will.
With Term and Category based Posts Widget v4.7 and higher we will let people to download a version which don’t  requires a license as long Term and Category based Posts Widget is used on a localhost development server (or the site domain resolves to the local host IP: This hopefully will let users check the relevant features before buying.

Download link:

License transfer between sites

Sometimes when going from development to production the domain of the site changes and if you’re not going to keep a live development server, it doesn’t make any sense for both the user or us to make the user buy two licenses just for that.
With Term and Category based Posts Widget v4.7 and heigher you’ll be able to just deactivate the license on your development site and activate it on production.
To deactivate the license, submit an empty value as the license key and press save.

Unlimited widget activation

After one year a renewal license is needed to get further brand new updates. The widget is still active – for unlimited time.

For more questions use the FAQ page or write us a message.

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