Blessed Updates

We went online with experimental blocks primarily to gain experience. We also want to live up to this and like to face challenges. Which is not always easy as our new blocks are special and new.

We are happier that we have succeeded in two important updates – again, and of course, Gutenberg is also constantly improving in many respects.

Category Archives Block

Adding Block Styles configurations

We didn’t really manage to create Block attributes for the Category Archives block a few weeks ago. But that’s no longer a problem, now we have the named Block Styles which work also for each individual Block in the Theme Editor. This means that the Category Archives Block can now be designed centrally with that Editor.

This exciting as well as simple implementation of Block Attributes will definitely be considered in future updates.

Select archive categories useful for huge numbers of posts.

Description List Block

Fast saving despite a lot of content

We had a save issue with the Description List Block. At first, it was just very annoying because we use the block for most projects. On individual pages, the Block helps us immensely there. As the number of downloads increased, the complaints about it started to grow.

The time to develop and find the problem can no longer be seen in relation to the Block since it will probably never reach large numbers of downloads and currently has then.

However, it’s easier to work with the community, even if it’s just a few users who appreciate the Block in their projects just as much.

Countless hours later, fortunately, there is a patch that makes saving a page fast again. So we are back on track with our projects and hope to be able to share a piece of WordPress with others.

The HTML5 description list isn’t yet supported with Gutenberg, so we do.