Users in general like features, in the same way kids like candies, the more features there is the happier they are. The best way to make a user happy is to tell him something like this:

“Oh, you need this feature? No problem, we will implement it in the next release.”

Filter- and actions hooks

We support this filters for public use.

Custom field need code to get the return value(s). (New in 4.9).
Parameters: Custom_field_name (string), this (object), settings (array)
All links to the post (only the Url, no HTML): The thumbnail link, the excerpt more, the Post Details option ‘everything is a link’ or the Style > positioning option thumbnail at ‘background’ is selected.
Parameters: the_permaink (string), this (object), settings (array)
HTML for each post. (+4.8 or higher).
Parameters: post HTML (string), this (object), settings (array)
Set after the widget excerpt code.
Parameters: excerpt (string)
Will be apply if the widget is placed in a widget-area and not as shortcode. If the widget is placed as shortcode disable the widget title and set the title in the content text with the editor.
Parameters: title (string)
Dropdown control in the back-end UI and set the internal query.
Parameters: possible sorts (array)
The array that can be fed to wp_Query to get the relevant posts
Parameters: args (array), this (object), settings (array)


Here is an easy example where we use to expand the query filter.

Widget Extensions / UI control panels

We also use the filters for all our widget extensions.

To have new UI controls in the admin panel, we give filters to override the hole panel HTML.

Override the UI for theDetails panel
Parameters: this (object), settings (array), name (string), headline (string), “” (optional)
Override the UI for theDetails panel
Parameters: this (object), settings (array), name (string), headline (string), “alt_” (optional)