CSS dimensions

With Gutenberg Editor many frontend properties can be edited with CSS: Font-size, padding, background-color, margins, etc. The good thing is that CSS3 is used and the whole thing is written and developed using Sassy Cascading Style Sheets or simply SASS. This means that the complete used CSS variables can now be changed dynamically via the Gutenberg UI controls.

We put these CSS3 variables again as a kind of intermediate layer between the Gutenberg UI controls and the CSS selectors. This means that we only get full-fledged CSS selectors that have CSS3 variables, which can be changed dynamically, while on the other hand all inline CSS attributes are completely eliminated. Only the variable declartion still left as inline, but can be read from CSS selectors with variables for that HTML tag.

It is now possible to write own custom CSS and with no need to add !important to CSS attributes.

The customization CSS layer is fully accessible.

We have already tested this adjustment in our “Hyperlink Group Block” and our core block extension: “Gallery Styles”. Now a third block is added: With update 1.2.2, the “Descriptin List Block”.

Description List Block 1.2.2.

The number of Description List Block users has doubled since the last important update to version 1.2. and we can now say that we will proceed with the greatest care if such a massive intervention is made in the rendered HTML code again.