We support a new Gutenberg block

For websites with very much categories it can be helpful just to select and show posts out of just a few categories and don’t select over all posts.

Multi selected categories for websites with much categories

Therefore we go much similar with the WordPress’s core Archives Block and want only give extra options. Should be good for owners and admins which can give care to more Block options. For example you set Group by to Year you didn’t have posts written over a short period.

Example to use two archives one for each category

At the moment our Category Archives Block is in the review phase at WordPress.org and will be available here at GitHub and should be supported at WordPress SVN repositories asap.

Update (9th March 2021): Category Archives Block is successful approved and can be reached direct with the Block Directory or the WordPress Plugin directory!

Multi category selection, order, group or post counts?

WordPress Gutenberg editor

We start with features we need for our project’s need and there will be much more features possible, like Custom Post Type support, layout-, more grouping- or some preview options.

Anyway we start building our new block with some useful features:

  • Because we had posts to manage out of a long time period there is a more close grouping by year
  • About we have post to manage in up to eight categories we would split each archive and show only categories users will search for.