Responsive line numbers

Let’s be honest, what is long overdue is the number of lines. There were a few interim solutions that were also implemented by WordPress, but were not a uniform solution. More like aids that could be used as needed.

Now with the standard behavior for HTML websites for responsive pages, the dynamic calculation with specification of the number of displayed lines is really true.

There are also still open points that should follow in later versions. That looks pretty good on the whole.

What we want is to get rid of the WordPress excerpt filter hooks in our core code and implement a recent CSS attribute (“line-clamp”) to have an option for the numbers of text lines.

For special tasks it is important to be able to specify the number of lines. Let’s look at a quick example.

Content first layout

Another strategy when developing websites is the content first view. It is probably a combination of both strategies, mobile first and desktop first. The content should fill the space available and, if possible, always the same. On the smartphone, on the tablet or on a desktop.

Text and titles have the same height.

So it is also up to the frame element that surrounds the text whether there are small changes in the space provided with different display sizes.

That sounds like an all-purpose solution

So we thought to use the general purpose solution for the post title as well.

In the example, the text, like the headline, is always the same height and the overall appearance of the page is very even and calm.