Five Date and Time settings

Very nice improvement with such options to show the date and date format. Five format kinds can be select. All five formats can be used to show the date as the past time as weeks, days, hours, …

So, the option “Show past time up to x-days” calculates for all posts whether the date or the specification should be given as a period of time, back for x days.

The five formats are explained in more detail below, consisting of 4 + 1: Four predefined formats and a completely freely selectable format with date and time placeholders.

Date “Since published”

Set up the date in past time for all kinds of date format.

With the time when a post was published your readers get another opportunity to see the relevance, age and topicality of the post. One the other hand, it shows that your posts are up to date.

Show past time since published for each post in minutes, hours, days or weeks, et cetera.

Date and time formats

Here we are guided by formats that are mainly required. So on the one hand it should give an idea of what looks good and what is possible.

Either the date and time of the page is used or the information is output in the time zone by the reader. The latter can be a way of showing your readers the exact date on multilingual pages.

The format of the date set with placeholders may be any combination described on this page.

We have thus found great ways of showing the interesting spectrum to the design means of date and time.