Find bugs and test with mobile devices

At the moment we’re hardworking on the release for 4.6 and and look forward to the new version, which has great features. Find last bugs and test with some mobile devices.

Remote debugging with hardware mobile devices

So we stopped implementing features and have the focus on only testing functionality, the rendered HTML and our CSS styles. Our effort is don’t make patch versions after the release. Patch versions can’t be avoided but reduces to a nearly zero. We test with common operations systems and also with mobile devices, like Android, Windows 10, OS X and IOS.

If you are already interested in a beta version, please write us:

And we test with some WordPress Themes, like Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen, … Themes which includes Google’s Material Design Light framework and Themes how build for WooCommerce. We have found the most unexpected error while testing with different WordPress Themes. And is expected to remain in the feature, because each Theme use such different CSS styles and there’re many CSS attributes which can normalized in many ways. So we use in our widget CSS as less as possible normalizing CSS and take our to the layout attributes, like float, text-align, flex-box, … and avoid writing things like sizes, colors or font decoration styles. Implement this is impossible, but with our experience, we get a feel for a happy medium.

Testing the upcoming version 4.6, with many operation systems, devices and Themes

We start installing “Terms and Category Based Posts Widget” on our customer pages

The third way we’re testing is with our customer websites and shops. What can only cover a small portion of all our supported features and supported feature variations. What meanwhile matters an important part of our widget concept. But this concept should not part of this post and will be described in further posts more in details. We started with the pro version and support Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, WooComerce Products or events from the The Event Calendar. So there is a wide possibility of websites to use and show posts with our widget Term and Category Based Posts Widget. With the upcoming version 4.6 we leave the widget area and support shortcode as our free version Category Posts Widget supports it. And with shortcode you can use our widget in the post’s content, e.g. over the entire post content width.

This makes us busy and not even easy to decide in which direction the widget had to go. Now we’re on a very good final state and final features.

For sure we support mobile and responsive features and referring mobile devices in further versions in more details.