Demo page shows upcoming 4.6 features for the Terms and Category Based Posts Widget

If you’re interested in our new version 4.6 features. We can help you with “start” to expose the final version on

We release a beta version and use it for our customer sites. Beta means: No more features were added only bugfixes for this version.


All the features announced in further posts are final and we would let you participate with this. Till we decided to release a new version as the same time as WordPress do it. We had a timeline we’ll made a version ready. For the most features it’s good and make a end for coding and coding.

We need your feedback gladly also recognition – as we get it from you in the past. 😉

The demo site shows three main features:

and this demo site will grow in the next days with variations and other good looking and useful features for your website.

With 4.6 we support columns not only rows!

Now it’s possible to arrange your posts not only in rows rather columns are supported. This is possible with the shortcode we had implemented for a while in the free version and now shortcode is also possible with the pro version. (Put shortcode with the pro is: [termposts], with the free widget write [catposts] to the content.) It’s possible use many columns where ever you want, but in the content and not in the widget-area it make much sense and we recomment this layout features to use with shortcode.


We had more ideas for all main features and how we improve this. There are a lot of recent topics we are not compleatly doing perfec right now. For the Masonry support we had even delete code we write because we haden’t much time to make it ready and stable.

So we decited to give you a teaser with Masonry and plane next features more sharper. We have to learn to understand this Javascript framework and it can be helpful for responsive websites. When we visit other sites and how to use it so we could be confident to offer it ( or