Custom Post Type, Custom Taxonomy and Tag

We want to offer with our pro plugin options for larger sites. For this purpose, WordPress has come up with something very exciting and has created a magnificent support that allows administrators and websites operators to adapt very large amounts of information on a website circumstances. With custom post types and custom taxonomies you can group, combine, abstract and tell posts together in more specific descriptions.

When Do I need a Custom Post Type?

Now please do not say you had no idea that you’re working for a long time with taxonomies. Yes, that’s true. WordPress comes with two default so called taxonomies, categories and tags are both Taxonomies. Now you can expand this with your own created custom Taxonomies. In the most ways categories will solve grouping posts. If you want to group a goup of posts than custom taxonomies will be a solution.

In return for grouping and classification, are the features such as sorting, displaying and arranging posts. In the first place for the website users. High priority is given including assignment and delivery of wealthy SEO content.

Custom Post Types are the way to distinguish posts, text and information. Give it a try and we guarantee you that the possibilities to build a WordPress site win amazing quality. Not only with the great variety of existing WordPress widgets and plugins.