Category Posts Widget Pro will climb to higher mountains

With the last version on (4.1.5, released at February 4th 2016) we announced to offer a pro version for Category Posts Widget. Our thoughts to build up a pro version had arisen rather short at the end of 2015.

The response for the widget was very good and we had a lot of work to cope the support requests and issues on The many good ideas for new features inspires us to implement always more and more features. We redesigned the user interface in the backend with sliding accordion areas, add an CSS image crop for thumbnail dimension and want to build a very good posts widget. We can’t ignore all the response.

To cope our effort we made the decision to branch a pro version which is made for bigger WordPress websites and give the site administrators the opportunity to handle there posts with the latest WordPress scopes. We can therefore look forward to our work and promptly develop more new features.

At the moment we are working a lot for the website, all descriptions and last but no least at the PHP code for the pro widget. We answered on our own issues and questions and bring a lot of meetings behind us on and

Now we are no longer far away from destination able to offer a Category Posts Pro widget, and are also a little proud. For the next week the release is scheduled and it looks well to hold the date also.