A Template to arrange all post details

With the new text-area called Template you can arrange each post details. You can arrange the order and you can also get elements in the same line or get a element in the next line.

Template to arrange all post details
Template to arrange all post details

How it works?

Use only a new line or a space in the Template:
The next HTML element should be in the same line.
It’s like a inline-element.
Use one empty line between two elements in the Template:
The next HTML element will be rendered in a new line.
It’s like a block-element.

With this in your mind you can use and add all post details we support with placeholders. More in the documentation.

Additional you can use HTML, plain text or font-icons (we suggest the Dashicons HTML).

Example 1 – “Excerpt shouldn’t float”:

To have the title on the right side of the thumbnail, use only new line between the thumbnail and the title placeholder.

To have the excerpt below the thumbnail, use a empty line between the placeholder before the excerpt placeholder.

Example 2 – “Float thumbnail”:

If you want some post detail at the top, like the post tags and the post author, use a empty line between this placeholders and the next, here the thumbnail placeholder.

The excerpt should at the right side from the thumbnail, use only a new line between the excerpt placeholder and the placeholder above till the thumbnail placeholder.

Example 3 – “Use dashicons and HTML”:

As mentioned you can use the WordPress Dashicons and any HTML you want, like links to twitter.com.

Our premade Examples:

Below the Template we have premade examples. Choose one and select it with the button to take the selection over to the Template.

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