Version 4.8 of the Category Posts Widget is released

At January 22th 2018 we release the version 4.8.  Also a bit later as we had scheduled in a blog post and after a first delay to the end of 2017/2018.

The previous version 4.7 gets more features if you count the feature number, but the 4.8 gets more overwhelming features. We support now SVG font-icons and to arrange “all” post details as you want in a Template text-area box. Each post detail is now not only a enable or disabled check box. All possible post details are represent through a placeholder which can placed and arranged in the Template. Additional the Template read plain text, HTML and HTML for font-icons. A smaller new feature is to filter and select by post status. We get requests about to select private posts and we get more user requests which want to select posts in the feature. WordPress means scheduled posts. Scheduled posts in the feature are upcoming events, like workshops, meetings, etc.

The feature to have a pagination and “load more” functionality is shifted to the next release 4.9. It will be a interested one for the next version. We had started to implement this feature but recognize its more effort as it seems. It required modifications over the post query process. And this isn’t a additional concept this needs a really wide design.

Download link: