Term and Category Based Posts Widget

Shows recent posts from categories, taxonomies and custom post type

Terms and Category Based Posts Widget

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Slider galleries

Vertical and Horizontal News Ticker

This option displays a vertical scrolling news ticker for your WordPress blog and display posts as a slider. In the admin panel you can manage any number of posts and news you will show at the same time. Other options are scrolling speed or scrolling direction.

Full page layouts and full width landingpage designs

Responsive Rows and table layouts

As a kind of design element for your blog, we have to come up with something. You can put on easily select fashion a different number of posts per row and column. 

"This brings in a simple way variety on your site. It does not look any post as the other one."

By doing this you not bored your blog readers and they stay longer on your side. So you increase your bounce rate and time spent per page very nice and easily.

Responsive grid layouts

"Masonry" layout

Masonry is a kind of grid layout for infinit page loading. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall. You’ve probably seen it in use all over the internet, like Pinterest, Tumblr , Pictaram or websites like this from Beyonce. Furthermore, this effect facilitates designing of responsive layouts.

Much layout properties and characteristics

Details Alignment and Asymmetrical Layouts

Here too, we would like to offer you a design element with which you can give your blog more clarity. Alignment left, center and  right is known from all text editors and for larger layouts a great demand stalk member. In cooperation with images and how text flows and float around images, changing the alignment of the text flow is required. 

In addition, we have an option that allows to choose whether the text should be not completely wrap around the image. Just when Social LinkButtons, prices or star ratings are also displayed, the post looks more clearer with a not completely  floated picture.

CSS image cropping

Thumbnail dimentions

Client-side cropped- and also fluid image dimentions for Responsive Layouts

The thumbnail dimention setting gets a new designed option 'CSS Image Crop'. It'll use in 100% the new WordPress functionality for responsive image HTML elements with srcset and sizes. And supports so WordPress released 'best image' for mobil websites, smartphones and retina desktop screens. The difference from the standard is WordPress use best fitted sizes and ‘CSS image Crop’ do a fill for the shortest image side and crop the longer image side. This is good when there are already many images exists, in the upload directory and no additional image size have to be generated. It remains up to you whether you using a custom image size or 'CSS Image Crop'.

Just edit all Shortcode options in the Customizer


Category Posts Widget is escaping the WordPress sidebar and making its way into any place you can use Shortcode. We are doing some innovative here with shortcode and we are assuming that we will have to iterate several times befor making it perfect.

"I think the utility of such a feature is obvious, but to explicitly name at least one obvious use case it will be to give the list of the latest new/PR release a more respectable place on your home page."

Use shortcode in your website is much simple as in the admin panel: Use [termpost] or [catpost] (depends on pro or community widget) where ever you want and in the WordPress Customizer the shortcode was automatically dedected that you can edit and configurate our widget with the panel UI.


Taxonomies, Terms, Products, Events ...


We support filter selection for new wordpress tags, custom post types and custom taxonomies. WordPress.com want to provide a much wider diversity for growing websites. Basically, a taxonomy is a way to group things together in a more specific description.