Version 4.1.9 of the Category Posts Widget plugin released

Two_Patch_Icon_clip_art_smallThe 4.1.9 release is due to a very insignificant notice message, and since the plugin has 80K active users we decided that it is better to just fix it and release to the repository  instead of having tens of people commenting about it (or worse, wasting time trying to double check everything works as it should).

Hopefully there will be no more releases on the repository until we are ready with the 4.6 release. Early next week we intend to publish a post with the list of new features we intend to have in it.

2 Replies to “Version 4.1.9 of the Category Posts Widget plugin released”

  1. I had this plus eight other plug ins to all update. when i did the update all it kept crashing my site. I had to go through the godaddy panel to restore to an earlier date. I then went through and updated one plug in at a time and determined that all plug ins worked and found this plug in update is the current issue. I have all updated and will wait a few days before i try this one again.

  2. Parish, 4.1.9, as the post says, was a very insignificant change to 4.1.8, so I assume your problem is with the plugin not supporting PHP version 5.2 any longer. You should ask your hosting support to help upgrade your PHP to at least 5.3 (5.6 will be better for you in general) and then the plugin will work.

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