SEO and Search Marketing Extension

SEO-Link Extension widget
SEO-Link Extension widget

The SEO-Link Extension adds SEO optimization and add options for the link target or prevent follow a link. The last one can be used if you want only images and you haven’t any written text for these posts. This both features are a bit complicated for the normal use, so we strongly decided to do a widget extension with those requirements. Here even more in detail …

Add SEO friendly rel=’nofollow’

The HTML attribute rel=’nofollow’ is basically a microformat of several open standards.

By adding rel=’nofollow’ to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the destination of that link shouldn’t be afforded any additional weight or ranking by search engines.

Typical use cases include links created by 3rd party commenters on blogs or links the author wishes to point to, but avoid endorsing. Using the HTML attribute rel=’nofollow’ on an external (outbound) link tells Google you don’t vouch for this other web page to help it’s search rankings.

Mark duplicate or substantially similar content

Duplicate or similar content is a problem for search engines:

  • It’s hard to work out the intended “original” or authority source
  • Can lead to unnecessary pages in the index

The rel=’canonical’ attribute allows you to tell the search engines which of the set is intended.

Put other links and sites to more weight with adding SEO friendly rel=’canonical’

In conclusion the ‘canonical’ attribute can be used to get more weight for other links.

Download the extension from GitHub here: SEO-Link Extension