Order by … wp_query

You have filtered your post list and now you want also sort it? That will be no problem.¬†We support sort by Date, Title and random. And there can be more possibilities. You can get all sorts which comes with WordPress¬†Orderby-parameters. It may useful to sort about ‘modified’ – order by last modified date rather than ‘date’ – the publish date or similar posts out of the same category should distinguish more relevant by ‘comment_count’, if you have allowed commenting.

Everything to do

Use the predefined example. We talk about just add a method for the filter ‘cpwp_possible_sorts’ (in our example Sort-by add-on it’s at line 54) and build-up the code as PHP file to use it as an add-on.

  1. Download our example Sort-by add-on file from GistHub
  2. Write your orderby-parameter(s) you can find at the developer.wordpress.org website to the option list in line 48 to 49
  3. Upload the file as a normal widget with the admin pages or use a FTP client
  4. Optional: Change the add-on name (Plugin name) and description text in the header of the file in line 3 to 8
  5. Activate the Add-on as a normal widget
  6. Go to Term and Category based Posts Widget > Filter tab > choose your new sort option entry

Here you expand just one wp_query parameter, orderby. But it will be very effizient.

Find useful things about wp_query - the loop:

Take your time for a look at the wide field of the loop

To get more effective advantages from the loop there is another filter it is possible to manipulate the hole wp_query with an added filter ‘cpwp_query_args’ in line 36 of our Sort-by example.

Awaken unused power with Add-ons: