New version 1.0.11 with requested ones from the user forum

We are looking forward if you write us on
We are looking forward if you write us on

The Same Category Posts widget gets a new version 1.0.11 with two features which are requested by the user forum.

  • If you also had a request feel free and write us that we can talk and implement your request.
  • For your developer skills you can pull a request to GitHub¬†and we don’t hesitate to merge your pull-request with the master branch and release it on asap.

The two new features in more depth

  1. The first new feature supports format the rendered date. The options “Use the WordPress Settings general date format” or make your own format with a text box where you can write own customizing Time and Date ( And a option to make the date a link to the single post page.
  2. The second one give you a filter hook for the post titles: ‘widget_title’. Add a filter with this name to the wp-content\Themes[your-Theme]\functions.php:
function cruise_shortcode_iconship( $html ) { 
    return "prefix-" . $html . "-suffix"; 
add_filter( 'widget_title', 'cruise_shortcode_iconship' );