New features with the free version 4.9

Cut Excerpt text after a given line number

Cut excerpt text after given number of text lines
Cut excerpt text after given number of text lines

We want to get rid of the WordPress excerpt filter hooks in our core code and implement a recent CSS attribute (line-clamp) to have an option for the numbers of text lines.

With the new concept for the Excerpt specification we’ll put everything on the new CSS attribute. With the ‘line-clamp’ CSS property it’s possible to truncate the excerpt text at a specific number of lines. That means we’ll get rid of two options: execpert_length and excerpt_more, which will only supported by the pro version with an add-on (Excerpt Extension) or the filter hooks are added by your used Theme’s function.php.

We mean, the length of the Excerpt text should be specified exactly by specifying the number of lines. That at different post widths or screen sizes, the layout should not be protracted. Because it didn’t exist in this form, it was only built around it with the excerpt_length option. The free release 4.9 supports the new option in the Post details panel > Excerpt settings > “Lines (responsive)”.

Lines (responsive) option
Lines (responsive) option

Thumbnail size fast selection buttons and leave on image size empty

The new control buttons help to find faster an appropriate size for your image set to your post- or page content.

Fast selection buttons, fluid image size with max-width and leave on image dimention empty
Fluid image sizes in percentage
  • Fast selection buttons: Under the image dimension sizes there are some selection buttons to choose and find easy and fast your right image dimension size. Make your images smaller or bigger, change the ratio or select a given Media size. This buttons should help to try different sizes which is the best-looking one at particular pages.
  • Max-width for fluid image sizes: Choose your image size as a percentage value and your image will show each time the same ratio.
  • Set the height or the width dimension value to “0”: The ration of the image will depend on the original image. And only the width or height is the same. The second dimension can be different for different images.

  Note: If you want float your image with the text, you shouldn’t use the “Lines (responisive)” option and set it to “0”. The CSS line-clamp attributes aren’t rendered to the site and don’t prevent the float text around your image.

“Load more”-button and new Ajax API

We implement a completely new Ajax interface which can allow further posts to be reloaded. You can find the option in the General panel and have two which can adapt the button text and the load text.

We want expand that feature and have start to support the Ajax API up to now. Especially with the next pro release we have such ideas we want to implement with that load more option.

Date format

You can filter with a date selection. If you have posts which should be shown after a specific time you can set: X-days ago and date between.

  Note: Read all about the 4.9 features in the documentation.