New in 4.7: Try before you buy and license migration

We believe strongly that people are willing to pay for value, and that our products are a good value for the price we ask. We have the whole licensing operation merely to prevent honest people from being tempted by the “dark side”, because we are all just human and no matter how wealthy we are we will always be tempted to save that 10$ if possible.

This is why we want the experience of honest people be as smooth as possible and let them do as much as they want with their license.

The upcoming 4.7 release will have two improvements in this regard:

  • Try before you buy – Even with a mere 10$, you are likely to “hate” yourself if you bought something that do not work for you and because of lack of documentation, or whatever other reason, you thought that it will.
    With 4.7 we will let people to download a version which will not require a license as long as it is used on a local development server (in other words, a localhost or if the site domain resolves to the local host ip of This hopefully will let users check the relevant features before buying.
  • License transfer between sites – Sometimes when going from development to production the domain of the site changes, and if you are not going to keep a live development server, it doesn’t make any sense for both the user or us to make the user buy two licenses just for that.
    With 4.7, in this kind of situation you will be able to just deactivate the license on your development site and activate it on production.

We are also looking at doing licensing per domain instead of per wordpress site, but we have no firm idea yet how such an implementation might look, and when will we do it.