License renewal and future price

license renewal and price model

Almost a year had passed since we released the first version of the “pro” plugin, and we actually were totally too busy in finalizing and releasing the 4.7.1 to give much thought about license renewal pricing, but our licensing software (If you are interested to know, it’s the Software Licensing extension of EDD) had sent us a reminder that our development license is about to expire and reminded us that this part also needs to be handled.

What is a renewal

When you renew the license you get another year of support which includes support via email, and the ability to use the WordPress built-in plugin upgrade mechanism for upgrades.

How much will it cost

$6,- per license – yes a 50% discount. If you manage several sites give us a call and we will figure out a discount.

What happens if I don’t renew

Apart from not being able to do the upgrades from the WordPress admin, the plugin will continue operating fully.

The current price offer is still available until 02 May

Starting with 02. May 2017 we will raise the price of the widget to $15,- (renewals will cost $7,50), and probably “hide” the 20% coupon on our, Twitter and Facebook pages. So if you feel like saving some money, might be a good idea to get another license now.