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version 4.9.9 (20-July-2021)

  • jQuery Helper warnings

version 4.9.8 (27-Mai-2021)

  • Widget title heading level buttons
  • Add sticky posts at start

version 4.9.7 (09-December-2020)

  • Load more placeholder

version 4.9.6 (30-November-2020)

  • Date since published for n-days

version 4.9.5 (21-November-2020)

  • Item title in lines (line-clamp)
  • Fixed Column layout
  • Fixed Image Html rendering

version 4.9.4 (16-November-2020)

  • Item Title heading level buttons
  • Excerpt-more link placeholder
  • Native WordPress filter CSS classes
  • Rework thumb handling

version 4.9.3 (12-October-2020)

  • Option Slideshow loop
  • Filter multi-select options broke
  • Slideshow as widget issue

version 4.9.2 (30-September-2020)

  • WordPress 5.5 lazy-loading images support
  • License issues and update service
  • New dashboard to manage licenses

version 4.9.1 (06-July-2020)

  • Auto-sizing Grid
  • Custom field support
  • Shortcode support
  • Additional ‘itms per row’ for Masonry

version 4.8.1 (08-November-2017)

see release announcement blog post

version 4.7.1 (15-march-2017)

see release announcement blog post

version 1.0.3 (4-may-2016)

Fix various license activation problems cause by misconfigured servers by moving all comunication to the tiptop server from https to http

Version 1.0.2 (2-may-2016)

  • Fix automatic upgrade
  • Better error reporting for license registration failures

Version 1.0.1 (23 Apr 2016)

Bugfix for select2 “multiple true not working”

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Version 1.0 (17 Apr 2016)

Initial version

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