4.6.1 version of the Term and Category Based Posts Widget is released


This is a very feature packet release it was tested for compatibility with WordPress 4.3-4.6.


New versiton Term and Categorz Based Posts Widget 4.6.1

  • Insert the widget by using a “dedicated” shortcode – [ termposts ]. No need of any additional plugin to do it.
  • Many new layouts
    • Horizontal (Row), in which post items are arranged in a horizontal row. This layout can also be used as a horizontal news ticker
    • Responsive rows, in which items are arranged in rows, as many rows as needed for all items to be displayed, whatever is the width available to the “widget”
    • Table, in which the post items are arranged in a table
    • Masonry, in which items are arranged in a responsive way in a grid
  • “spice up” the display with alteration pattern which enables different styling of item based on their location. For example, have the title in even items align to the right, while on odd items it aligns to the left.
    Two patterns can be used – a general pattern rule, and a simplified that use alterations only for the last items
  • More thumbnail positions. In addition to the top and left, you can also now align the thumbnails to the right, place them below the title and above the excerpt or align them to the right or left of the excerpt, last but not least, use the thumb as the background to the text.
  • Control title and excerpt alignment without having to modify your CSS. Both can be aligned left, right or center.


When no explicit dimension are given to the thumbnail we use the thumbnail setting from the media settings

Technical changes

We have started deprecating the CSS file that is loaded on the front end, and move all CSS rules into the header of the pages where th widget is actually being used, using the most specific rules possible. Now it should be easier to override a specific rule without resorting to disabling the CSS for the whole widget.

You can see several great example of what is possible to do with 4.6.1 on our demo site