1 year-celebration of the Term and Category Based Posts Widget

We celebrate Term and Category based Posts Widget birthday
We celebrate Term and Category based Posts Widget birthday

We’re happy to announce: Term and Category based Posts Widget has it’s first birthday!

Started with the aim to make a much bigger Category Posts Widget with thousand of new features. The Category Posts Widget is a very focused widget with more than 650.000 downloads which means 400 downloads/day and 80.000+ active WordPress installations.

We also use both widgets for our client projects. Our free and also the premium widget. Most features are based on customer experience. We are happy to announce not all new features are started from us ourselves. We gets many suggestions from our happy users. To meet these requirements we try to split the Category Posts Widget and made a more customer friendly premium widget – the premium Term and Category based Posts Widget.

What is customer friendly?

We’re all developer in our team and it means to expand and customize the widget to get the focus to each customer needs. Not all features are good for all websites, some confusing features more harms as they fits for the most users. Some special features might just fit for one single website. Especially when it comes to working with other widgets. From the CSS, however, we haven’t still spoken at all.

Sub-domain for development and documentation

We plane a developer sub-domain with more documentation, filter and action hooks, widget concepts and how the widget works, etc.

We have one ready extension (Excerpt Extension, Adds more options for the excerpt output – A free extension for the premium widget Term and Category Based Posts Widget) and one tool (Update-Settings Tool, Update settings for all installed widgets.) on our TopTopPress GitHub account. And some basic scripts on GitHubGist. Just for new users it’s to complicated to find a point to start first smaller examples. What we must change.

Thank YOU!

That is, we thank our users for the great response within the first year, the great e-mails with questions and suggestions. We welcome any e-mail. And plan to continue to deliver a great widget for WordPress, what we have a lot of fun with and hope to be able to do even more.