How Category Posts Widget work with SiteOrigin Page Builder

The Category Posts Widget works with the Page Builder by SiteOrigin, but there can be a misunderstood in how to add it.

Please add the widget with shortcode [catposts] inside a editor widget which is placed to a SiteOrigin Page Builder row.

For the editor widget we recommend also SiteOrigin widgets. If you install the  SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle this will install a editor widget. That’s what we use in the YouTube video above.

The layer structure will be:

Here we give the layer structure how all the elements will be used that the Category Posts Widget can be placed in a Page Builder by SiteOrigin row.

Post page or site

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Editor (comes with the Widgets Bundle by SiteOrigin)

Shortcode for Category Posts Widget

Step by steps:

  1. Activate the SiteOrigin Page Builder on a post page or a site
  2. Add a editor widget, e.g. the SiteOrigin editor from the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
  3. Click “edit” to the placed editor widget
  4. Add the shortcode [catposts] to the editor
  5. Click “Done”
  6. Click “view page”
  7. Click the “Customizer” button on top of the page
  8. Edit our widget in the WordPress Customizer (Not if you at the admin pages from SiteOrigin Page Builder. That doesn’t work.)

Here is more about to add the Category Post Widget with shortcode:

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