PHPUnit should help to focus back to coding

We apologize for the many mistakes, a lot of patches and errors that have occurred in recent versions and which couldn’t have be avoided or kept back. Since we had been already invested a lot of time in testing. 😥

To cope with all this patches was also terrible for us! So we decided to spend time to set up and start writing PHPUnit automated tests. This should help us save much of time for testing

  • basic functionality,
  • return values,
  • version upgrades and
  • version downdgrades
  • and and and.

In we crossed the half million download limit and there are daily estimated average of 400 download hits. After a new version update there are daily many more. So it’s up to a decision to deal with this quite considerable amounts and do thoroughly tests. We would like to reduce our patches to zero and we would fully concentrating entirely on using our WordPress widgets, where the majority of errors occurred: In the use with different websites, different applications and many technologies.

Hence our support in any case, has an important place. If you need help or you have discovered an error crept into our code please contact us

We are moving our support workflow to Help Scout

One of the nice things about being young company is that we are still not bogged down by past decisions, and when something doesn’t work we just move forward and try something else.


We wanted to have a very simple support workflow – people leave a support request (implemented as a simple comment form) and from there we do everything over email. We wanted to avoid public threads of comments or forum as it might be good for SEO, but in our opinion it is a strange experience to everybody as obviously some things should not be made public and therefor you need to be able to mark what is public and what not,  and for the casual reader it is also rarely helpful as he usually can see the question but not the resolution of it.

It proved to be an interesting idea but one that just don’t work when there is more then one person answering support queries. Email clients are not exactly built for it, and it is hard for someone to track what the other person said. Therefor we decided to just go with dedicate tools for support and selected Help Scout (yes price was an important factor 😉 ). Hopefully a better support workflow for us will translate into better support experiance for our clients.

Side note: We are talking here about our “pro” offerings, the free plugins will keep being supported at the forums.