Widget Add-ons to manage more website tasks

We build extensions for our premium widget Term and Category Based Posts Widget.

So we have many widget users and each have different technical skills. We don’t know if all know CSS programming, place the widget to new areas and do high-level layout improvements, imagine landing pages, cross-selling, up-selling and related-selling. Promote your courses and upcoming events.

As explained we know and even expect most of our widget users are no programmers. Insert example code to the Theme’s functions.php to add filter and action hooks should no problem, but there are so many more high-level task to solve for a website. So we’ll provide programming APIs to extend the widget with your own ideas as we did, if there are needs and want give our best basic widget as possible. With the focus on single tasks which achieve much.

Our available Widget Add-ons:

Excerpt Add-on:

Download the extension from here: Excerpt Add-on

Re-order-by menu_order Add-on:

Download the extension from GitHubGist here: Re-order-by menu_order Add-on

Sort-by Add-on:

Download the extension from GitHubGist here: Sort-by Add-on

SEO-Link Add-on:

Download the extension from here: SEO-Link Add-on